(Deutsch) Ende vergangenen Jahres wurden im Abrechnungszentrum Optica in Stuttgart zwei SCAMAX- Hochleistungsscanner vom Typ 8x1 installiert. Mit der produktiven Inbetriebnahme dieser Scanner konnten zwei ältere Systeme abgeschaltet werden. Aktuell ist die   ...more
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Since its formation in 1983, SCE has worked closely with German technology company „InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme“. SCE developed the scan clients for InoTec’s first scanner models, like the SCAMAX5000/2500/2600, based on the UNIX operating system. Today, SCE is both a premium distribution partner as well as a service partner of InoTec. At CeBIT 2010 SCE presented the first scan client for the high performance scanners (SCAMAX M06) running under both Linux as well as MAC OS X operating systems. InoTec scanners feature innovative technologies, which ensure reliable and high performance scanning even with difficult documents.

As far back as 1997 solutions were developed using Paradatec GmbH’s OCR/ICR engine „PROSAR“. They were mainly data capture solutions for automatic reading of handwritten meter reading cards for energy concerns. Today we integrate the products „PROSAR-AIDA“ (OCR/ICR) and „PROKEY“ (Correction Editor) from Paradatec GmbH into our data capture solutions. One of our key competencies is the automatic capture of supplier invoices for accounts payable applications. We also employ Paradatec products in the areas „Human Resources“, „Digital Mailroom“, “Questionnaire Tabulations” as well as “Claims Processing” for insurance companies.

Paradatec modules play a significant part in ECM systems. They are synonymous with high throughput capacity, have excellent scalability and are very stable. The results are increased productivity and quality, resulting in a shorter Return-on-Investment period.

Increasingly complex tasks demand employment of an integration platform. The “xbound” product from Foxray AG proved to be the ideal basis for the integration our products, and those of our partners, into a cohesive and efficient system that our customers find easy to understand and use. Consistent employment of the „Best of Breed“ strategy, for all integrated IT components, ensures our customers receive the highest level of automation possible.