(Deutsch) Ende vergangenen Jahres wurden im Abrechnungszentrum Optica in Stuttgart zwei SCAMAX- Hochleistungsscanner vom Typ 8x1 installiert. Mit der produktiven Inbetriebnahme dieser Scanner konnten zwei ältere Systeme abgeschaltet werden. Aktuell ist die   ...more
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InoTec SCAMAX® 4×3 / M06

SCAMAX® 4×3 / M06

Triple Innovation

InoTec’s SCAMAX® 4×3 opens a new dimension in document capture. Utilizing new and innovative technology it has increased product reliability and scanning throughput for even the most difficult of scanning projects.

Image enhancements and processing are handled by the scanner’s own internal hardware – improving work flow productivity by eliminating the need for time consuming post processing on an external PC.

The SCAMAX® 4×3 has a newly designed feeder concept which ensures that a widely varying range of documents can be fed automatically through the scanner. Even the thinnest of paper is transported through the scanner reliably ensuring minimum downtime due to miss-feeds.

Purchasing the SCAMAX® 4×3 is a safe and secure investment thanks to InoTec’s innovative upgrade path. The scanner can be upgraded at any time to meet changing production requirements.

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