(Deutsch) Ende vergangenen Jahres wurden im Abrechnungszentrum Optica in Stuttgart zwei SCAMAX- Hochleistungsscanner vom Typ 8x1 installiert. Mit der produktiven Inbetriebnahme dieser Scanner konnten zwei ältere Systeme abgeschaltet werden. Aktuell ist die   ...more
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The superiority of our high performance products is underpinned by highly qualified, always available, service with very short response times. This is applicable to both hardware and software service.

Our experienced technicians are specially trained by our partners. They are in regular contact with the manufacturer, to ensure the scanners are serviced according to current technical standards. Scanner modifications and updated service protocols are immediately incorporated into our service and works plans. Experiences gained and customer feed-backs are passed on to our partners. They usually incorporate this information quite rapidly into their product development and optimisation.

Hardware: Service is offered for the SCAMAX series production scanners from InoTec. We offer maintenance contracts that precisely define the reaction time required and when a scanner must be available for production following a breakdown. We also offer „On Demand“ service where no maintenance contract is in place.

Software: Highly qualified members of our software division provide support for both our own products as well as those of our partners. Here too we offer either support contracts or ad-hoc support on a one-off basis.

Our system, encompassing preventative maintenance, own comprehensive stock of parts and consumables, direct access to manufacturer’s resources and intelligent logistic, ensures a high degree of availability for systems maintained by SCE.